Produced by Grazing Goat Pictures, the Zee TV show Jamai Raja is creating more twists than the viewers can guess. The spicy show is currently focused on DD’s character, which is played by Achint Kaur. She is struggling for a normal life post a major unforeseen accident.

Story till now

Mohit Malhotra, who plays Joker on the show, had pushed DD from a cliff resulting into the accident. She was then admitted to a hospital and shown to be recovering from her injuries. DD is now shown in a coma while her son-in-law, Jamai Raja Siddharth Khurana (aka Sid), played by the handsome hunk Ravi Dubey, tries his best to bring her back to normalcy.

DD to recover from coma

Latest news reports suggest that DD will soon recover from the coma and come out of it, but will not remember anything from her past. DD will thus recognize Sid as Siddharth Kukreja and not Siddharth Khurana. DD’s memory loss will take her back to the time when Sid used to lie to be a middle class boy in love with her daughter Roshi. Those were the times when Sid was lying to be living in a chawl and DD had insulted him for being poor.

The times will come back, since DD has forgotten that Siddharth currently is a multimillionaire and not a middle class man. As per reports, she will yet again insult him and his parents for their financial status. DD will leave her understanding nature and once again become the rude and shrewd lady she was when the show began.

Sid and Roshni will also be warned by the medical team to not reveal the memory loss to her as it might have an adverse effect on her condition so they are left with no option but to play along.

Apart from the report that DD is going to lose her memory, another rumour that has been going around is that DD i.e. Achint Kaur is actually quitting the show.

Though there has been no confirmation given by her on the news that the rumour has any level of truth in it, we don’t think she should quit as her portrayal is really one of the major highlights of the show. We hope the viewers like this unexpected twist in the show.