Indian Television has always made weddings a grand affair, especially when it comes to the channel Star Plus. Indian weddings being a colourful week long affair rather than just a day’s function attracts a lot of viewers and they wait eagerly to watch their favourite character unite through the purity of marriage.

Star Plus’s hit television show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata has been famous for its wedding celebrations which run for weeks is about to witness a grand wedding yet again. So it was obvious that wedding of Nakshara’s own son Naksh played by Rohan Mehra won’t be any less dramatic.

The magnum opus wedding will be full of twists and turns and the biggest shocker is that it will witness comeback of the character Sanju who played Naksh’s best friend on the show.

Sanju was misunderstood to be Naksh’s girlfriend on the show by none other than Naksh’s mother Akshara played by Hina Khan. Looking at the whole scenario it is quite apparent that just like Akshara even Tara (Naksh’s would be wife) will misunderstand their relationship.

Recently Tara played by Umang Jain created a scene during the Holi celebrations by calling Naitik (Naksh’s father) cute under the influence of bhaang and later asking Naksh to kiss her which shocked him immensely. Currently the track which is simultaneously running on the show is that of Varsha and Shaurya as Varsha is upset with him for his cheating escapade.

Akshara and Naitik are trying their best to bring them together in spite of the impossibilities attached with it.

With the wedding Vaishali Thakkar who plays the bubbly character of Sanju will make a comeback and entertain her fans like before. She will be back to celebrate her best friend’s biggest moment in life but will be misunderstood as always.

Reports claim that Vaishali has confirmed her re-entry on the show.

There is no clarity as to what will happen to Sanju’s character post the wedding. We will have to wait and watch the drama unfold very soon and understand what’s exactly on Sanju’s mind this time.