There is no denying that Linkin Park have been one of the greatest and most distinguishable bands of our time from the very beginning of their artistic career. They've also had exceptional ways of connecting with fans. This year, we celebrate the 15th anniversary of creating LP Underground, a community of dedicated individuals who have been there for Linkin Park from the first album.

The band members keep themselves busy and take various projects on their plates. Chester Bennington, the lead vocalist, even though it has been a little quiet about it recently, is still involved with his side Music project Dead By Sunrise.

Mike Shinoda, lead vocalist, rapper, piano player and generally the man of many talents just recently released the single "Welcome" with his side band Fort Minor. Also, Linkin Park like to team up with other creators such as Steve Aoki with whom they recently recorded the single "Darker Than Blood". Other than all the music collaborations, Linkin Park have been involved with Art, clothing lines, or the two combined. Apart from Mike Shinoda providing his graphics, for example, for shoe brands, just a few days ago a special anniversary jacket, designed and produced by RVCA, has been made available for purchase. This unique piece is embroidered with the official XVLP logo and has been created to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Hybrid Theory release.

And hurry up kids, there are only 150 pieces to be sold!

All projects considered, Linkin Park have a lot going on, yet still consider their fans to be the most important part of their artistic existence. They visit remote places, cities an average English speaking person cannot even pronounce and always give 100% during their shows.

This hectoliter of sweat on stage speaks for itself. On top of that, 15 years ago a special community called LP Underground has been formed to make even stronger connection between fans and the band. This group of devoted fans have their own website and various privileges when it comes to tickets sales or purchasing items from the LP official store.

They are also the first to know about new releases, shows, etc. Wait, there's more. Especially for LP Underground, each year the band prepares a compilation of their demos and exclusive songs released as separate albums, all of them numbered accordingly to a particular year, and, as you can probably guess, this year's release is called LPU15.

In (hybrid) theory, everyone can become a member. You have to pay for your membership, however, it is only $10 a year so I'm certain that everyone is able to give up one or two chocolate bars for an opportunity to meet and greet their favorite band. Plus, you can decide if the membership is worth it or not as a part of the 15 year anniversary celebration Linkin Park offer a 30-day free trial.

They couldn't possibly make the LPU world more accessible than that.

Commercially successful artists who consider their fans their family are worth connecting with and Linkin Park know it. This way they have lots of friends with whom they can celebrate this year's anniversary.