Glastonbury never seems to be out of the news; by the time the camp sites are cleared of broken tents, broken bottles and broken hearts, the “early bird” tickets are on sale and rumours begin to fly around about the next potential headliners. There are always more rumoured names than there are headline slots, so some fans are always left disappointed, but should Adele fans keep their hopes up this year? According to sources close to the festival, the Skyfall singer is indeed in talks to headline.

The news of an Adele headline set is sure to be taken with a pinch of salt by many fans who just can't quite imagine the star gracing the vast Pyramid stage in front of a sea of adoring festival goers.

There is little doubt about her physical ability to pull it off or that there won't be plenty of people keen to see her and sing along with all their favourite hits. In fact, the idea of thousands of young women with flowers in their hair belting out Someone Like You under the starlight and neon is quite an easy image to conjure up. The problem comes with the woman herself: would Adele happily take to such a big stage for such an iconic performance?

Could Adele handle this big, iconic performance?

Adele is now a global star with multiple awards and television appearances under her belt. Only last week BBC viewers were treated to a special programme where she performed to a select audience and chatted with Graham Norton.

Norton naturally brought up the subject of touring, to the delight of her fans, but she once again showed reluctance. Big tours and big audiences just do not seem to suit this private, down-to-earth girl when small scale appearances with a more relaxed atmosphere are more to her taste. Add in the fact that she has claimed to be scared of the proposition of performing at Glastonbury due to the scale of it all and the chance of this headline slot seem even more unlikely.

As things stand, Glastonbury 2016 is already 80% booked, according to the organisers, so many of the slots have already been determined. It remains to be seen whether Adele will be one of the headliners next summer but fans will be hoping that they get confirmation either way soon.