It's almost impossible to escape the Marvel's superhero phenomenon. They are releasing movies and tv shows non-stop and each day there is more and more merchandise everywhere. Superheroes are no longer a geeky or nerdy thing (or is it that being a geek is now cool?), they are loved by everyone. And the superhero trend is not going to stop anytime soon. Having finished Phase One: Avengers Assembled (with successes like Iron Man and Thor) and Phase Two (with Avengers: Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc.) of Marvel's Cinematic Universe, Civil War will now be the first Phase 3 movie.

This will be the last partof the Captain America trilogy and is one that has been keeping people expectant. Why is that? Throughout Phase One and Phase Two, the audience has slowly been able to know the differente characters and has learned to recognize them as a team. However, Civil War will bring a distinct plot: after an incident, the heroes will have to choose sides and will fight each other. They can either follow Steve Rogers - Captain America - as he believes that they should defend humanity without government interference, or Tony Stark - the Iron Man - who wants the authorities to help. These two used to generate a lot of laughs from the spectators because of their differences, but their relation will now take a dark twist.

The fans have been pretty excited about the release of the posters a few months ago. Because of that, it is now known which side each hero will take. Winter Soldier, Falcon, Hawkeye, Ant-Man and Sharon Carter will team up with Captain America. War Machine, Black Panther, The Vision and Black Widow will help Iron Man, But this also lead to a lot of questions.

Why aren't Black Widow and Hawkey on the same side? Why is Black Widow against Captain America if the last Avengers suggested the opposite? Where are Spiderman and Scarlet Witch - both supposed to appear in the Film but neither in the posters?

For now, the superhero fandom will just have to wait. The new Marvel movie will only premier in the spring of 2016. But until then, here's the trailer to ease the curiosity.