UK fans of the American popstar Prince have been left in the dark as to how they will be able to purchase tickets for the upcoming dates on his ‘Piano & A Microphone’ tour. The celebrated singer-songwriter has opted for postponing selling tickets for the gigs, citing a deep distrust for ticket touts and secondary selling websites as being influential in his decision.

Unusual marketing ploy

By adopting a slightly irregular marketing strategy in the run up to the British tour the well-established star, full name Prince Rogers Nelson, may be taking something of a risk regarding its success.

Yet after more than three decades in the industry he knows his own mind and is seemingly growing tired of seeing his devoted fans being ripped off by the touts.

Whistle-stop UK tour

With dates planned in various venues across the UK before the end of the year, fans had expected to be able to purchase tickets imminently. Prince is due to appear in Glasgow (Royal Concert Hall) on 27th November, with London (Theatre Royal) next on 29th November, followed by Birmingham (Symphony Hall) at the beginning of December. Yet the means of acquiring tickets remains uncertain, after the artist took to social media to express his disgust at those parties who charge inflated prices when they sell tickets on.

Such was his perceived anger at the distasteful practice, Prince didn’t mince his words as he issued several tweets on the subject, referring to them as “scavengers” and “vultures”.

He went further by retweeting messages on the subject sent by irate fans. They were complaining about websites that allowed the re-sale of tickets at a price well in excess of the face value.

Similar approach in the past

Prince has something of a reputation over recent years for similar action regarding ticket sales. His ‘Hit and Run’ tour in 2013 included the relatively irregular occurrence for concerts being advertised on the day itself.

Consequently, fans were able to snap up tickets on the door for as little as £10 each.

Novel approach for tour

The latest concerts represent something of a change of style for the star himself. As the name suggests, the ‘Piano & A Microphone’ tour implies just that. He is trading in his trademark guitar for a piano as he traverses the globe and performs a number of solo tracks at each venue.

It looks like an arduous schedule that he is intent on pursuing, with plans to stop in a dozen countries in a little over one month if the rumours are indeed accurate. He is expected to take in Germany, Spain and Italy among others, in addition to the UK.

A “challenge” for Prince

The man himself told ‘Cultura that he saw the new approach as being “a challenge,” when asked the obvious question as to why he was doing this now. Prince added that “you have to try new things,” and judging by his previous successes as a renowned Music innovator, he may well be proved correct.

With a highly impressive back catalogue that has sold in excess of 100 million records worldwide and seven Grammy awards to his name, Prince certainly knows a thing or two about the music industry.