The 4th instalment in the Jurassic park franchise "Jurassic World" has arrived and how. This one directed by Colin Trevorrow is sure a masterpiece and a treat for all dinosaur fans.

The Film opens with lines which explain that no one is any more surprised or scared by looking at a live dinosaur and that sets the tone of the movie. The earlier movies had Jurassic Park but this world of dinosaurs is beyond reality, because people are bored by the reality as mentioned in one of the opening scene of the movie.

The film shows us what happens when John Hammond's dream of building a fully functional dinosaur theme park meets reality and how things get out of hand due to an intelligent, gigantic animal.

The 50 feet Indominus is massacre personified and is a VFX marvel in itself too, the scenes with Indominus are just too awesome to describe in words. While the hybrid Indominus is getting out of control, ex navy man Owen Grady leaves no stone unturned to train four velociraptors who do as he orders them to. The great thing about Owen's dinosaur training scene is that it makes an impossible act like training a dinosaur look achievable and believable at the same time.

The park is owned by Masrani played by Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan. Masrani is the one who asks the scientists working for him to create a hybrid dinosaur which will attract more and more public to the park and thus in turn elevate his profits.

While all of this is happening, there are two school going kids who are trapped inside the park because of being at the wrong place at the wrong time and even they are a treat to watch. The mini love story between Bryce Dallas and Pratt could have been avoided or may be stretched a bit long to improve its importance in the script.

The last Jurassic park movie was released in 2001, a lot of time has passed since and the VFX technology has improved beyond imagination making the movie more of an amazing watch, especially the 3D version which makes the dinosaurs look scary and beautiful.

All in all don't miss this one, if you are a dinosaur fan don't miss it.