In the not too distant future, people will reach a point in 2016 where police forces are backed up with robots. Working for the producing company is the real privilege. A Mercedes van is guaranteed which can be used and the security guard salutes for you. A rule is broken by the developer, Deon Wilson (Dev Patel) that says: do not take your job home. A software is written by himself but the leader of the board does not like the idea, so he downloads this software into a robot which is judged to be assimilated at home.

Robot 22 has come to life because of this software (Sharlto Copley with digital motion recording).

However, this is the reason why the company has rejected the software (why does a robot cop need consciousness?). This awareness is ruined by a petty gangster group whose members are eerily similar to a local rap crew, called as 'Die Antwood'. Ninja, Yolandi and their mates spoil a job so they desperately need Deon Wilson who is only take-able in a package with his robot. And that's where all hell breaks loose. The other developer of this company, Vincent Moore (Hugh Jackman) tries to take advantage of this confusion. Demand has not appeared for his robot so far.

The sight which is given is amazing, but we can be dizzy quickly by the logical summersaults, from which Elysium has not been free.

Weaver and Jackman are giving their bests, however, their written characters were disappointing. Yolandi and Ninja voiced rebarbatively, such in the real world, no wonder they do not get their living as a TV announcer. They wanted to work with this director for years, therefore they were willing to go down to dog. In return for their voice can be heard from the speakers, and generally from the background, they can wear their own clothes, their pictures can be found in their flats and millions of references can be heard of their own record label.

I liked Dav Patel, Sharlto Copley was responsible to act as Chappie and he executed a perfect performance (the director has attended to the same high school as him, but it is not so important now). I would not compare Chappie to the other robot movies which are mentioned by others. It is rather a modern Pinocchio movie: adults try to make children get influenced and believe in that they will be true children if they receive words. Because that is something the story is about. The rest is just bluff.