We have been on the time of the Korean war the story only a decade. The British came out of the World War II with huge ethical superiority. The Labour Party gained the elections in 1945 and set about the realisation of the electoral promises, the nationalisation and the social insurance's reformation immediately. The United States took over the representation of the British interests gradually. Churchill pressed the Franco-German reconciliation earlier already but overestimated his country's international importance and it was thrust into the background regarding to the European integration processes.

The British was forced to accept the leadership of the United States within NATO.

The Film takes place in this period and although it did not say a word about above ones nevertheless we receive a perfect description of that era. The plot gives back all of the public feelings, all of the reigning conditions in the army faithfully. The former world power's officers, the veterans of the World War II were at a loss for the neglectful negligence of the joining up youth. Some people tried to become invisible one for the high command (such as Pat Shortt, who act Redmond), while others burn the candle at both ends, waited, when will they take away onto the slaughterhouse.

The infinitely naive and clear-hearted Bill Rohan (Callum Turner) joins up into the army too, and as it is at this time, his best friend will be the rebelling natured Percy Hapgood (Caleb Landry Jones).

Because of their outstanding achievement on the training they were appointed to the shorthand-typist's company where preparing the recruits will be their task, beside which they try to cheer up the boring weekdays. Outside the walls of the barrack they are interested in girls primarily, while inside the walls the main aim is to steal the clock which is counting as the corps' relic.

Oh yes, the inactivity gave birth to the sin. Their superiors (the brilliant David Thewlis and Brían F. O'Byrne) embitter their life where they can which cries for revenge.

The movie takes a stand on the question that makes simple ridiculous the institution of the Military service with the typical English humour. Meaningless rules and practices here or there, the boys want to live, they want to taste the love - but yet rather the girls -, in what nothing and nobody may stop them. Does not exist the punishment which would spoil their mood. Kind, sentimental, entertaining movie.