Sony Pictures, one of the biggest Film studios around the World, has set September 29th, 2017, as the release date of the sequel to last year's 'The Equalizer'. The studio has confirmed at CinemaCon recently that Denzel Washington will indeed be returning as McCall, which is a milestone in his career. This will be his first movie getting a sequel. Except for the lame movie-Spiderman, Sony owns no decent superhero to compete with Disney's billion-dollar Marvel Universe, furthermore the hacking scandal due to the producer's leaked mails made its mark on the studio's reputation as well, they are grasping desperately for a well-established brand's moneymaking sequel.

The director's and screenwriter's names are yet to be announced, but Antoine Fuqua's return is likely. She is at the moment working with Denzel Washington (who got the Oscar first time in 1990, then in the year 2001 again. One of his brand is to play real characters in his movies. For example, Rubin Carter in 'Hurricane', Malcolm-X in the 'Malcolm-X' and Herman Boone in 'Remember the Titans') on a 'The Magnificent Seven' remake set to be released this summer.

'The Equalizer' is based on a 1980s TV series. He goes by an alias, serving a greater good. Still he's feeling remorse for having blood on his hands. A discharged secret agent (Denzel Washington) decides to take a turn for the better - in his own way.

He places an ad promising to help anyone hopeless, weak, or vulnerable. The agency's man becomes a lone warrior, and where he turns up - odds change.

'The Equalizer' did not grow to be a must-see or in any way exceptional, still it is a decent, better than average work, probably won't be disappointing anyone who knows what to expect.

Those who don't mind the occasional excessive violence and pretty dark tone will certainly have a good time - if you can call watching eyes being stabbed and throats being slit a good time.

Denzel Washington has been active as an actor for over 30 years, still he has never once been featured in a movie sequel. 'The Equalizer 2' is breaking the ice. We can hardly wait.