Gentlemen in search of an extraordinary car will get the chance to buy a unique six-wheeled convertible when Captain Nemo's car Nautilus goes up for auction on July 11. The car was driven by Sean Connery who played Nemo in the 2003 movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and featured heavily on film posters. It was designed by art director Carol Spier and was one of only two made, the other having been rigged with scaffolding for filming close-ups of the driver. The car has an estimated price of £18,000 - £25,000.

The Nautilus was built around the chassis of a Land Rover fire engine. It was fitted with a Rover V8 engine and covered with an ivory-coloured fibreglass shell embellished with ornate aged gold-effect details. The design was inspired by the Hindu god Ganesha as well as undersea creatures suitable to the Jules Verne story 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, in which the underwater explorer Captain Nemo originally appeared.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen began as a comic series and graphic novel created by Alan Moore as a kind of Justice League of Victorian England that brought together classic fictional characters such as Nemo, Dr Jekyll, the Invisible Man and Sherlock Holmes' enemy Professor Moriarty. The big screen adaptation was generally panned by the critics but did well enough at the box office for the idea of a follow-up to have been reported in the media this year.

The car's seller Stephen Lane said: "I bought the Nautilus from the Film company after The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen came out because I loved the car, loved the design and felt it was one of the most emotive vehicles I have ever seen, a true design icon. I have taken it to Essen, driven it at the Lord Mayor's Show and now feel its time to let somebody else own it and enjoy it."

Chris Routledge of auctioneers Coys, added: "We have a long tradition of selling film, television and celebrity cars, and having such a cool car from such a cool film is really exciting. We are offering an unrepeatable opportunity to acquire one of the cars that actually appeared in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and which will undoubtedly increase in value in years to come."