5 romantic movies to watch on Amazon Prime this Valentine's Day

Some new, some older, but all perfect for curling up on the couch together for romantic viewing.


it is now less than a month to Valentine's Day - the most romantic (if somewhat commercialised) day of the year.

Amazon Prime has a selection of perfect and romantic films, some old, some new and comedy or drama, to make your Valentine's evening complete. Curl up on the couch together with chocolates and champagne and enjoy.


'The Cake Eaters' - Romantic drama

Beagle Kimbrough (Aaron Stanford) is a small town guy who meets Georgia Kaminski (Kristen Stewart), a girl who is suffering from terminal neuromuscular disease. She is trying to break free from her overprotective mother and wants to experience love before she dies. The romantic indie movie has a very big heart and Stewart excels in her performance.


'The Big Sick' - Romantic comedy

“The Big Sick” is the true story of comedian Kumail Nanjiani and his wife, Emily Gordon. In the film Zoe Kazan plays his wife. It is a funny and beautiful love story, where Emily suddenly becomes ill and Kumail has to face her eccentric family. Meanwhile his own family wants him to settle down with a nice Pakistani girl.

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