5 viral Facebook animal videos to make your day

Whether cat, dog or rat, there's nothing like the antics of our pets to make us laugh on a regular basis.

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Feeling a bit down now the Christmas holidays are almost over? The following pet and animal videos will cheer you up again!

Whether cats, dogs or rats, their funny antics can really make our day.


Cute dachshund has a new toy

This little guy gets incredibly excited while playing with a spring, possibly intended to stop the door hitting the wall, but now used as the family dog's toy.


Sleeping dogs react to the possibility of food

These two pups were sleeping soundly, until their owner opened the fridge and took something out and they miraculously appeared.


Dog meets dog puppet

This man's puppet has awakened the curiosity of the people and even a dog passing by. The puppeteer then ensures his "pet" has a truly wagging tail.

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