5 ideal places for couples to celebrate Valentine's Day 2019

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, here are five romantic places to choose from for that perfect, romantic day.


Valentine's Day is looming on the horizon and it's time to think of the perfect spot [VIDEO] in which to spend the most romantic day of the year.

The following are some suggestions [VIDEO], which include a rock with a perfect heart-shaped hole, Juliet's balcony of "Romeo and Juliet" fame, the largest heart-shaped island in the world, the Alley of the Kiss and a real Love Island, not related to the reality show!


Heart Rock Falls - Heart Rock Trail, Crestline, California, USA

Heart Rock Falls are at the end of a half-mile hike through California’s “Valley of Enchantment,” close to the town of Crestline. The waterfall is pretty in itself, but what is most important is the almost perfect heart-shaped hole in the rock, filled with water. Atlas Obscura reports there are actually two heart-shaped pools in the area as well as a huge, ancient oak tree. Is this a perfect spot to propose?


Juliet's Balcony - Via Cappello, 23, Verona, Italy

We all know that Romeo and Juliet was a story written by William Shakespeare. However, the balcony that inspired Shakespeare to write the tragic love story does exist. The house is aptly named La Casa di Giulietta (House of Juliet) and is the former residence of the Cappello family, who inspired Shakespeare’s Capulet family. Many lovers make a pilgrimage to the spot to take photos on the balcony, explore the garden or touch the breast of a bronze statue of Juliet on the spot for luck.


Galešnjak Island - Turanj, Croatia

Galešnjak Island also bears the name “Lover’s Island,” due to its almost perfect heart shape and is reportedly the biggest and most accurate heart-shaped island worldwide. It has been a site for boat rides on Valentine’s Day, or aerial photographs ever since it appeared on social media in February 2009. No one lives there, but there are three prehistoric Illyrian burial mounds on the island. The owner, Tonci Juresko, plans to make it a romantic destination for weddings.


Love Island and Castle Bring - Edersee, Edertal, Germany

Love Island is actually the top of a hill where a small castle, Burg Bring, has stood since the 12th century. In between 1908 and 1914, Lake Eder was flooded, making the hilltop and castle ruins into an island. It has since become a secluded and perfect spot for lovers, who can swim or take a boat out to the spot for a quiet bit of romance.


Alley of the Kiss (Callejón del Beso) - Plaza de Los Angeles, Guanajuato, Mexico

This narrow alley is similar to all other alleys in the area, but is the subject of a story of unrequited love, not unlike that of Romeo and Juliet. Legend says a wealthy family resided in one of the buildings and their daughter fell in love with an “unsuitable” young man. He rented a room across the alley from her bedroom and they would secretly reach out to kiss each other across the narrow width. Now lovers leave love locks on the balcony bars or stop for a kiss.

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