5 unusual art destinations to visit in Spain

The Painted Forest of Oma [Image Javi/Flickr]
The Painted Forest of Oma [Image Javi/Flickr]

Forget about stuffy art galleries and see art in the open air and other fascinating locations.

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5 art galleries with a difference in Spain

Spain has many art galleries, especially in the larger cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga.

There are also less usual places to see the work of Spanish artists, including a fascinating painted forest, a walking route lined with carved faces, the strange, dystopian creation of a German artist, sculptures standing in a haunted forest and bizarre skull sculptures on a private farm.


The Painted Forest of Oma - Kortezubi, Basque Country, Spain

The Painted Forest of Oma is the creation of Basque painter and sculptor Agustin Ibarrola and is nestled in the Valley of Oma, close to Kortezubi in Basque Country, Spain. Ibarrola created this magical, colourful space in the 1980s as an open-air art installation. This is not just colourful daubs of paint – as you move through the forest, you discover that the paintings on the trees line up and become animals and geometric forms or people.


Ruta de las Caras (Route of the Faces) - Buendia, Cuenta, Spain

The Ruta de las Caras is an open-air sculpture gallery, set on the banks of a lake in Buendia, Spain. There are 18 sculptures and bas-reliefs, all carved into the sandstone rock. Several artists created the sculpture over a number of years and they measure anything from one foot to 8 feet in height. It makes for a lovely walk in the fresh air, surrounded by forests and views.

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