Nicole Grimes just had an amazing experience. She was reunited with her beloved dog, Chloe Bear, which she had received from her grandmother when she was ten years old.

Her father had given up the dog to the Humane Society when Nicole was 14, as he was now working from home and didn’t want the disruption. Nicole was heartbroken at the time as she and Chloe were very close, but now a happier side has entered the doggie story.

Chloe Bear enters the family

When Nicole Grimes received a puppy from her grandmother at the age of 10, she was over the moon and fell in love with the sweet dog, naming her Chloe Bear.

Nicole told The Dodo that she and Chloe spent all their spare time together and that she was a very sweet dog who gave plenty of love and licks.

However, just after Nicole’s 14th birthday, her father took the dog to the Washington Area Humane Society, asking them to find her a new home. His new job meant he was working from home and didn’t want the noise and distraction a dog might bring. This broke Nicole’s heart, and she said she often thought about Chloe over the years. She had even contacted the Humane Society to find out if they had any details about Chloe’s new home, but with no success.

Dogs never forget

Nicole is now married and has a four-month-old baby daughter. She was browsing a friend’s post on Facebook about a senior dog looking for a home.

Nicole said the dog looked very similar to Chloe, so something told her to get in touch and take the dog home.

It turned out the senior dog had retained her original name of Chloe and as soon as they met, the pup ran straight to Nicole and began licking her face.

When she realised her new pet was displaying all the same characteristics as her childhood pet, she suddenly had an idea who Chloe actually was.

Nicole took Chloe to the vet, and her hunch was officially confirmed. The vet read the dog’s chip, and it turned out the number matched that of Nicole’s childhood pet, Chloe, who was suddenly returned to her arms.

While Nicole had been devastated after her dad gave her beloved pet away, she did learn that Chloe had been given a nice home with an older couple, who had passed away. However, she did briefly spend time with another family who found they couldn’t keep her. Nicole and Chloe are thrilled to be back together again. Nicole said she had instantly made herself at home and is happy, adding that she believes Chloe knows that she will be with her forever.