5 dog stories that will warm your heart this Christmas

Stories of dogs returning home, getting Christmas treats, arriving home after being rescued from a Korean dog meat farm and a dog-friendly cinema.


As we head for Christmas Day, it is great to read heartwarming stories [VIDEO] about our four-legged friends. Dogs also deserve a lovely Christmas!

There's a college student in America who was half happy and half upset when the dog she cared for at the local shelter was adopted, but she ended up getting very good news. There is also the story of hospital staff offering Christmas hampers to lucky rescue pups, a stolen dog back home after two years, dogs rescued from a Korean dog meat farm and a cinema created for dogs. Read on [VIDEO] with a box of tissues by your side!


College student receives special delivery for Christmas

A college student in Oklahoma formed a special connection with a dog at the animal shelter where she volunteered. While she was away at college, the dog was adopted. She was happy and sad, because she would have liked to keep him. It turns out it was her parents who adopted Rambo, who is now living happily at their Seiling, Oklahoma home. Hallee Fuqua was thrilled to be reunited with the dog, but will still volunteer at the animal shelter.


Hospital staff donate hampers to dogs at a rescue shelter

Ward staff at Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley have given rescue dogs a merry Christmas. Besides caring for their patients, the staff handed hampers of treats for the dogs homed at Rainbow Dog Trust in Wombourne. Ward clerk Tracie Cash came up with the idea after losing her dog to cancer in September. She said she is not quite ready for another dog yet, but wanted to do something for charity. They now hope the dogs will find a fur-ever home.


Stolen dog back home for Christmas after two years

A woman in Powys was heartbroken when her dog was stolen two years ago. Trisha Joseph never gave up looking for six-year-old Belle, a springer spaniel. She had posted on more than 500 Facebook groups looking for Belle. It finally paid off. On Friday, one of the group members spotted the dog being put up for sale 75 miles away. An 18-year-old had kept her for six months and was selling her. He was shocked to find out the pup was stolen, but now Belle is home with Trisha.


Dogs rescued from South Korean meat farm arrive in the UK

Nine lucky dogs will have a future as beloved pets after they were rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea. A campaign led by Humane Society International UK (HSI) led to their rescue. All nine pups were wagging their tails as delighted animal rescuers hugged and welcomed them. HSI has managed to shut down 13 Korean dog meat farms and have rescued a total of 1,600 dogs.


Abergele, Wales opens dog-friendly cinema

Many dog owners know their pets enjoy watching TV. However, the owners of a pet shop in Abergele have taken things a step further. They spent more than £100,000 putting together a cinema for dogs. There is a coffee shop serving snacks and drinks for humans and their doggie friends. Treats for dogs include popcorn, cakes and pies. Drinks include “Pawsecco” and “Bottom Sniffer” beer. 40 people can enjoy the films with their dogs. Films will all be pet-related.

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