New Zealand hit the headlines after an Australian visitor, Dylan Brayshaw, captured footage of a woman swimming with orcas. Fox News reported that at first, Judie Johnson headed back to the shore at Coromandel, afraid the orcas would hurt her. However, she later decided to resume her swim, which took the dolphin encounter to a new level. Swimming with killer whales prompted Dylan to capture the scene with his drone.

Encounter with the Orcas

According to TVNZ 1 News, Judie who is in her 60s went for a swim last week. Alone in the water, she was surprised when three orcas swam up to her.

At first, she thought they were dolphins but then realized most dolphins don't have black on them. Understandably nervous, she had some thoughts about the fact that she wore a black wet-suit. Knowing that the Animals prey on seals, she became concerned about being mistakenly identified as a snack on the killer whale menu. She swam back to the beach.

However, she later returned to the sea. The woman, who lives in Hahei decided they presented no threat to her. Onlookers watched her venture back out into the water. One, in particular, set up his drone and captured her amazing encounter. The footage by Dylan Brayshaw went viral, and deservedly so. You can watch the encounter below.

Dylan Brayshaw on YouTube

Dylan Brayshaw's YouTube account shows that he posts hacks about photography, particularly surf photos and videos. In fact, if you love to shoot with whatever can capture things digitally and if you love the sea, his channel is worth checking out. He certainly seems to be in the right spot a lot of the time because obviously, he's well prepared.

The video footage of the woman swimming with Orcas is fascinating and visually stunning.

Speaking to 1 News, Judie said that the Orcas looked her right in the eye and playfully nibbled her toes. "It was so different to anything that’s happened to me before, and I thought, no, this is a life-changing experience. They were as interested and curious about me as I was about them."

For Dylan, the fact that she went back into the sea became the photographer's gift.

He told the news outlet that he expected her to remain on the beach.

Here's another sample of Dylan's work to enjoy.

New Zealand encounter shows killer whale is a misnomer

Fox News reported that orcas don't eat people as often as one would think. The name "killer whale" conjures up a terrifying picture of ravaging beasts with hundreds of teeth just lurking offshore waiting for an unsuspecting swimmer to come by. Orca expert Regina Eisert told 1 NEWS that they really are just large dolphins. According to National Geographic, they do eat mammals but humans really are not on the menu.

What do you think of the New Zealand woman who voluntarily swam with the orcas? Kudos to Dylan Brayshaw who captured and shared the stunning footage of the dolphin encounter.

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