Aquaman: Reviews and reactions from Twitter

The movie scored 78 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and did exceptionally well in China where it released first.


"Aquaman" did very well in China, where the movie released first. The New York Times reported '“Aquaman” collected $94 million in tickets," over the weekend.

On Rotten Tomatoes it has a score of 78 percent already. Many reviews were posted on Twitter, some of them not so good. However, the top ones seem full of praise for the movie.

One example is Karen Han, of Polygon who noted that "Were it not for Black Panther and Into the Spider-Verse, Aquaman would easily clinch the title for best superhero movie of the year." However, people always disagree. At the end of the day, you will need to decide for yourself. It releases worldwide on December 21. In the meantime, here are five mentions from Twitter.


IGN review 'Aquaman'

IGN is usually a trusted source of reviews, and they described the movie as as "fun time" and "a blast."


Indie Wire review on Twitter

Indie Wire was not so nice. They felt it was "Hobbled by a messy screenplay, paper-thin characters, and a hodgepodge of unimaginative showdowns." They didn't stop there, and said this is just another "franchise" competing in the same market.


Forbes' take on the movie

Forbes came out with an encouraging review. Mark Hughes says now he's seen the movie it will simply be "huge." His own experience of the movie is that it's a "nonstop rollercoaster ride of heart-pounding action." He also enjoyed the "eye-popping visual spectacle." He added that it is "insanely enjoyable to watch."


Comic Book Resources says it's a "crowd-pleaser."

Comic Book Resources think the movie is a "crowd-pleaser." They agree that in places it it is silly and often rediculous, but it's really so enjoyable, you get caught up in it.


Chicago Tribune review gets mocked on Twitter

Michael Phillips got mocked on Twitter for his review. He wrote that it's "like spending" hours watching a "gigantic aquarium." Well, that set off the people who thought that if you watched a movie about Aquaman, perhaps you should expect to see sea creatures?

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