Five short BBC Earth videos that show the world's beautiful wildlife

Whether they are previews, clips, or trailers BBC Earth has some excellent short videos of wildlife on YouTube.

BBC Earth on YouTube often posts up short clips, previews, and trailers of wildlife and nature documentaries. Many of them are just a few minutes long but they are worth watching by nature lovers. Here are five of them.


'Wild Dogs vs Lioness'

This clip is just over four minutes long. The mini-doc explains that wild dogs, also known as painted dogs do well competing for food as they cooperate very well.


'Cute Lion Cubs Only 6 Weeks Old'

This clip was part of the promo lead-up to David Attenborough's series "Dynasties." It shows tiny little lion cubs and will surely lift the hearts of any wildlife enthusiast.


'Epic Zebra Fight For Mate'

Part of the promos for the same series mentioned above, this shows zebras fighting. In just over four minutes we get to see how hard it is for the striped animals. When the females arrive, the males clash with teeth and hooves.


'Hippos Struggle for Access to Water'

This clip is three minutes long. It shows how hippos, giant animals of Africa, struggle to find space in the water during the heat of the day. In the dry season, tempers becomes frayed as the pools shrink.


BBC Earth Unplugged - 'Close Encounter with Killer Whales'

Over on BBC Earth Unplugged - 'Close Encounter with Killer Whales' is about encounters with orcas. It shows Steve Backshall getting up close to them in his kayak. This clip runs for four minutes.

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