5 random unusual places to visit in this wonderful world

Let's take a wander to some unusual and often weird attractions in the world for that next overseas holiday.


The world is full of unusual and sometimes [VIDEO] strange destinations to visit while travelling around.

Here we have a whimsical courtyard in Russia, a town in Alaska with a "fowl" name, a rapidly disappearing glacier in Canada, an unusual fortress in Vienna, Austria and a Neolithic dolmen on an otherwise normal Irish golf course. Perfect for your unusual [VIDEO]holiday in 2019!


Mosaic Courtyard - Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg is a magnificent city with beautiful architecture, but it does have its whimsical side. This small courtyard is nestled in an otherwise nondescript block of buildings. The walls are covered with dazzling mosaic decorations, created by local artist Vladimir Lubenko and his art students. In the image we see a colourful mosaic wall, but there are also sculptures in the courtyard and a jungle gym created in beautiful mosaics.


The chicken of Chicken, Alaska, USA

Chicken is one of the few surviving gold rush towns in Alaska. It got its unusual name when a roaming cartographer stopped in the town to ask miners what the town’s name was. Because there were a lot of Ptarmigan roaming the area, the miners decided to name the town after those birds. However, no one could agree on the correct spelling of Ptarmigan, so they opted for “Chicken” instead. The town still pays homage to its unusual name as can be seen in the photo.


Athabasca Glacier, Jasper National Park, Canada

If you want to visit this glacier in the Canadian Rockies, you’ll have to be pretty quick. Due to climate change, the Athabasca Glacier is disappearing at an alarming rate. The current four mile (6 km) glacier is one of the most visited in Canada and also among the most accessible. Scientists say the glacier is receding at a rate of around 16 feet (five metres) each year and they found tunnels and shafts underneath caused by the melt water, which they said is incredibly beautiful, but alarming.


Karl Marx-Hof - Waschsalon Nr. 2, Karl Marx Hof, Vienna, Austria

This massive building is more than half a mile in length and it has a fascinating history. During the Austrian Civil war in 1934, it was used as a stronghold by anti-fascists. Besides being used as a fortress during the war between Nationalist and Marxist forces, it was built to give low-cost housing to the working class of Vienna, with communal kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.


Proleek Dolmen - Louth, Ireland

This mysterious Neolithic megalith stands on a normal golf course in Ireland and was built in around 3000 BC. Similar in form to Stonehenge, the dolmen once housed cremated remains and accompanying pottery and beads. It is among the best-preserved of its kind in Ireland, with a massive, wedge-shaped tomb nearby.

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