5 unusual dishes to try if you dare

These unusual dishes from environments that hate to waste food might inspire you, or put you off your evening meal.


It is always great to try the national dishes [VIDEO] of other countries when travelling the world. Sometimes this is a good idea, but often you get into trouble by accidentally ordering a dish which is really strange.

All these options are of the "waste not, want not" mentality, meaning they use all of the fish or animal for their daily meals and in restaurants [VIDEO]. For the daring eaters among you, the following tasty offerings include fish sperm sacs, chickens' feet, tuna eyeballs, deep-fried spiders and animals heads and other less-eaten bits.


Shirako - Japan

Sushi is one thing, but Shirako is something else and in Japanese, the word literally translates as “white children.” This is sort of appropriate because this sushi dish involves the sperm sacs of angler fish, cod or puffer fish. They have been described as looking like white blobs or tiny brains and are believed to have a sweet custardy flavour.


Chickens feet - Caribbean, East Asia, South Africa and South America

This is a popular dish in many places, so it maybe isn’t right to call it weird. It is obviously served in countries that believe in using the whole of the chicken, but this dish mostly consists of skin. Apparently it is a tasty dish if nicely spiced, but not exactly an easy thing to eat with all those bones!


Tuna Eyeball - Japan

Continuing the “waste not, want not” mentality, another dish available in Japan is tuna eyeballs. They are plucked out and served for a reasonable price in the Japanese supermarkets and are steamed or boiled with soy sauce or garlic. They apparently taste a bit like squid.


Deep-fried tarantulas - Cambodia

If you suffer from arachnophobia, look away now. This dish was first served when Cambodians were hungry under the Khmer Rouge regime. Hey, it’s protein, right? However, the darn things became popular and you can now enjoy deep-fried tarantulas as a snack throughout Cambodia. It has been said they taste somewhat like crab.


Khash – Eastern Europe, Middle East and Turkey

Khash is considered a delicacy and is reportedly delicious, if you feel like eating boiled sheep or cow head and can handle that face staring back at you! The dish may also include the stomach (tripe) and feet of the unfortunate animal. Yum.

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