5 weird and wonderful things to see and do in Amsterdam next year

Explore the more unusual side of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. [Image faungg's photos/Flickr]
Explore the more unusual side of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. [Image faungg's photos/Flickr]

Unusual museums and cat sanctuaries, a microbe and bacteria zoo, a restaurant where executions were held and a National Monument urinal.

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5 off-the-beaten path attractions in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam in the Netherlands is a great city to visit, with its beautiful canals, impressive buildings and many museums and art galleries. It is the perfect place to grab a bicycle and explore at leisure.

Amsterdam also has its more unusual side, as can be seen from the following, including a fluorescent light museum, a cat sanctuary on a boat, a zoo that concentrates on bacteria and microbes, a restaurant that used to be a place of executions and dissections and a urinal that holds the status of National Monument.


Electric Ladyland Flourescent Light Museum - Tweede Leliedwarsstraat 5, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Electric Ladyland was created by artist Nick Padalino. It is nestled under the Electric Lady Art Gallery close to Anne Frank House. This other-worldly place is a museum which focuses only on fluorescent lighting. Visitors are invited to take their time exploring the wonders, as the black light is turned on, making strange shakes come to live with a neon glow.


De Poezenboot (The Cat Boat) - Singel 38 G, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cat lovers will enjoy De Poezenboot, a cat sanctuary that floats on an Amsterdam canal. Henriette van Weelde founded the water-borne cat sanctuary in 1966 and it has been home to many cats ever since. 14 cats are permanent residents, but the boat has been known to house as many as 50 cats at a time. Humans are welcome to visit, either to adopt a cat or just give a kitten some loving attention.

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