France: Chantilly, a small town of around 11,000 inhabitants near Paris was the scene of an odd and briefly frightening encounter between man and beast. Stephane Jasmin secured footage of a horse running into a bar, kicking at tables and chairs and terrifying patrons. They fled from the clearly frightened animal which could have injured someone, or itself badly. ABC News reported that luckily, nobody was hurt during the incident. The horse was captured and returned to the stables.

Patrons of the bar flee one way and then the other

The patrons in the bar were all sitting quietly enjoying themselves, and the bartender looked rather bored before the horse entered.

ABC's ran the video titled as a horse trotting into a bar, but really it was more like a rodeo horse bucking into the bar. The 44-second loop video showed all was calm before suddenly people came sprinting down both sides of the bar counter. Others pushed their seats away from tables and joined in the mad scramble to get away.

Some of them ran into another room, and the horse also disappeared in there. Then people started running out of there and the horse came back the way it arrived, chasing people in the other direction. All the while, the horse was kicking out at tables and chairs. The pretty horse must have been very panicked and afraid in such a closed space. The horse that ran through the Pari Mutuel Urbain bar was probably young, as it came from the stables at the racetrack, Pickle AU reported.

The video of the horse in France went viral across social media

Reuters wrote that it was a sports betting bar and noted that according to Ouest-France, "trainer Jean-Marie Beguignem said they lost control of the horse as it was led from a stable." Apparently, she often tries to run away.

The area is well known for horses and racing. The James Bond movie, "A View to a Kill" had some scenes filmed in the area. Another version reported by the Independent indicated that the horse was being exercised at the stables when it threw off her rider and made off into town, where it headed straight for the betting bar. Obviously, this is a horse with strong views about horse racing and sports betting.

Video of Chantilly horse posted up by bar owner

The owner of the Chantilly bar shared the video from the security camera on YouTube. She said, "it pushed the door open, and raced straight for the betting corner." Everyone in the bar was shocked when the horse ran wildly about the place, kicking out at tables and chairs. While nobody has said how they caught and subdued the animal, it was widely reported across the media that the horse was retrieved and suffered no injuries or other harm.