The 6 emojis that have unique meanings

The Emoji, so popular that the Oxford English Dictionary named emoji as Word of the Year. But some of these tiny symbols have unique meanings.


Three fingers in a hat

This Emoji is in fact a Japanese Pine Decoration, or 'kadomatsu', conventionally used during New Years as a welcoming sign for ancestral spirits, as well as a symbol of good fortune.


???? Science ????

From afar, it's hard to determine what this is. Upon closer inspection, it's still just as hard. It is in fact an Alembic... a vessel used in distilling chemicals. Why it's needed in the Emoji dictionary we will never know. But next time you want clear representation of chemical distilling, you know what to use.


Midnight snack

Sticking with the Japanese theme (Emoji is Japanese if you didn't already realise), this is actually a representation of a Moon Viewing Ceremony, or Otsukimi harvest celebration, honouring the full moon. The white balls are rice dumplings, and the plant is Japanese susuki grass, both of which are being offered in appreciation of the full moon.


A really nice box

Way more than a box, this cube is the holy Kaaba, a building located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, at the center of Islam's most sacred Mosque. It is considered 'The House of God'.


Pretty Japanese flower

It is said that 'a picture speaks a thousand words'. This Emoji of a Cherry Blossom actually says 'Well Done' in Japanese, and is traditionally used by teachers to regard excellent school work.


A really posh Thermometer

It's a Japanese Wind Chime, duh. The one depicted is a glass wind bell, known as Fūrin. The lower part is a hanging card for the wind to push against.

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