California is burning and the Carr fire that tore into Redding killed people and destroyed homes. But one story in the tragedy is heartwarming and it involves a baby deer that was rescued by the California Highway Patrol. The fawn was only about a month old when it was found standing in the road with roaring flames close by, reported. The mother was nowhere to be seen, and there was nowhere for the little animal to go.

California Highway Patrol save baby deer

The California Highway Patrol officers are in the fire-ravaged area north of San Fransisco and are helping with evacuations.

In this instance, they evacuated a cute little fawn. The department posted up a photo on Facebook of the pitiful but cute baby deer. The photo got a lot of reactions from Facebook users. It also made it to Twitter, where heartwarming messages were sent, thanking the officers for all they are doing to help with the fire.

Rescued fawn goes for a drive to a wildlife rescue centre

CBS News reported that the fawn was taken to a wildlife rescue centre where it will be cared for.

Almost as though the fawn was saying "thank you," it "kissed" - or at least licked the officer's face. The photo below shows it sitting on the police officer's lap as it is driven away from danger.

Wildlife in dire circumstances in face of giant flames

The fires in California are intense and are literally roaring through dry tinder.

The animals are in great danger from them, so this fawn was lucky to be saved. It is tragic that the mother won't ever find it again, presuming she's still alive. But at least for one little fellow, the outcome was good. It will be safe and protected in a new home with people who understand Animals.

Carr fire killed a little boy and his sister, along with his grandmother

For a human family, tragedy struck with terrible results. James, a four-year-old boy, his sister and his great-grandmother all died in the flames. He had tried to call his grandpa for help, but traffic was clogged and Mr Bledsoe could not get there in time. Other family members tried to reach them but were turned back by fire authorities. Two firefighters lost their lives. With terrible news like that, it's no wonder that the heartwarming rescue by California Highway Patrol was so well received.

The fires in California are extremely intense this year, and parts of the Yosemite National Park were evacuated and shut to visitors. Extended drought and global warming are thought to have intensified the wildfires in the region.