In these days of the #MeToo movement and inequality between men and women, even seven-year-old girls can make a difference. Young Zoe Carew noticed the “Linemen” signs on the power pylons along the roadside and took offence. She knew that women did the job as well as men and decided to take action.

Zoe wrote a letter to the New Zealand Transport Agency pointing out to them that women work on the lines as well. They took notice and are now busy changing the signs.

Young girl makes a major sign change

Linemen are workers who install or fix power lines and when they are working, a warning sign is put up.

Up until now in New Zealand, the signs have displayed a huge exclamation mark with the word “Linemen” in capitals underneath, all on a yellow background.

As reported by the BBC, Zoe noticed some of the signs as her family was driving along to visit her grandparents in Eastbourne. She became angry that they read “Linemen,” when she knew women did the job just as well as men. Feeling the urge to get some equality between male and female workers, she wrote the letter to the New Zealand Transport Agency, which can be seen below.

In the letter, Zoe asked the agency why the sign read “Linemen” when it could be males or females working on the line.

She said she felt this was wrong and was unfair to female workers and asked them if they agreed.

Agency agrees with Zoe over the 'linemen' signs

It turns out they did, indeed agree with the seven-year-old and now the New Zealand Transport Agency is making a major change and is developing a new and slightly larger “Line Crew” sign.

As reported by The Guardian, Zoe had also mentioned in her letter that she didn’t particularly want to be a line-worker when she grows up because there are so many exciting things to choose from to do for a living, but she added that some girls might enjoy working on the power lines.

Young Zoe was thrilled to receive a response from the agency when the chief executive, Fergus Gammie commended the seven-year-old for her suggestion and for taking action where she felt something was unfair. He did say they would have to increase the size of the signs in order to fit the new wording of "Line Crew." Gammie said it will take some time for all the signs to be replaced, as they will place the new ones when old ones are looking worn.

Her mother, Caitlin Carew, was so proud of her daughter Zoe over the change she had made for "Line Crew" women, she made a Twitter Post to confirm the change that will be made and displaying the two letters. Well done Zoe on making a big change for women.