Two men were in the process of robbing a jewellery shop on Saturday in Colchester Town Centre. A very brave woman put a stop to a least one thief making a getaway by stealing the keys to their bike. A passerby noticed the ongoing scene and captured it on video. She said she felt as though she was involved in a crime documentary.

One thief was taken down by an off-duty police officer, while the other robber did manage to escape the scene with his loot.

Daring woman thwarts thieves getaway

As reported by the Daily Mail, the unnamed woman had noticed there was an ongoing crime and the quick-thinking passerby saw she had a way to at least stop the thieves escaping the scene of the robbery.

She quickly ran up to their getaway bike, stealing the keys. One of the thieves, armed with a hammer and a wheel wrench, tried to get their keys back from the woman, but eventually gave up trying and attempted to flee the scene.

One jewellery thief was then tackled by an off-duty police officer and taken into custody. The second thief managed to run away with his swag of jewellery and watches. Essex Police are now trying to identify and find the escaped thief.

Just like a crime documentary

The exciting incident was captured by 22-year-old Jodie Brown. She said she was walking down the street when it happened and she noticed a commotion.

Brown then noticed the getaway bike and pointed it out to her partner, who looked in that direction, but noticed the thieves were wearing masks. Fearing for her safety, he pulled Jodie away from the scene of the crime.

Brown said when watching television right now, there are so many stories and documentaries relating to moped robberies.

She said she felt like she was involved in a crime documentary herself at that point. Her partner then told her to get out her phone and Film the incident, to assist police in solving the crime. He told her maybe something else would happen and it turned out he was right.

She saw the moment when one of the thieves was trying to get back the bike keys from the daring woman but failed in his attempt.

They then saw the second man being forced to the ground by the off-duty police officer and a passing chef who was on his way to work.

The Metro reports that the captured jewellery thief is now facing robbery charges and will appear in the Colchester Magistrate’s Court on Monday. According to a spokesman for the Essex Police, they are currently searching for the second thief.

The spokesman described the escaped robber as wearing a grey tracksuit, white motorcycle helmet and black trainers, saying he had run towards the Scheregate Steps in the city. They asked any member of the public who had information about the man to contact police.