A woman was in the parking area of the Asda supermarket in Barnes Hill, Birmingham, on Thursday afternoon last week when she spotted a baby, left on its own in a hot car, with no windows open. She watched for around half an hour to see if the parents would come back to the car, but no one came. Temperatures were around 30 degrees Celsius that day.

The shopper then decided to go to the baby’s rescue and asked a security guard for help, who was standing close to the black car. However, the Asda employee said he might lose his job and refused to assist her.

Woman forces open boot to rescue baby

On seeing the guard standing next to the car, 33-year-old Jenna Langston said she initially feared that a dog had been left inside in the heat. As reported by the Mirror Online, it turned out to be even worse when she spotted the baby inside the car. She said while she was still in the supermarket she had heard a tannoy announcement giving the registration number of the car. She said she dropped her shopping bags and ran to the car, saying the baby must come out of there right way and adding that it was 31 degrees Celsius at the time.

When the security guard wouldn’t help her, telling her it would be breaking and entering, Langston forced the boot of the car open and climbed inside to rescue the little boy, who was soaked in sweat.

Paramedics and police were quick to arrive at the scene and took the baby, who was estimated as being around three months of age, to a nearby hospital for a medical checkup.

Langston told the media that the child’s baby grow was soaked in sweat. She said she opened the car doors to let in some air. Another person asked her if she would like to sit in their air-conditioned car with the baby until help arrived.

However, the ambulance crew arrived on the scene and Langston handed the baby to them.

Langston noted that around 50 minutes had gone by, with no sign of the baby’s parents. At that moment a woman walked slowly towards the car. She said she screamed at the woman, asking her what she had been thinking to leave the baby in the hot car, but the woman just looked down at the ground.

Asda investigating the employee

As reported by the Metro, on hearing that their employee had refused to help the woman come to the rescue, Asda said in a statement they were investigating the incident to establish what happened. Their spokesperson said they would never have punished an employee for trying to do the right thing in an emergency. They added that they are happy to hear the baby is well after his ordeal.

A spokesperson for the West Midlands Police said they had spoken to the baby’s mother and that appropriate actions had been taken to ensure the baby is not in any danger.