Outrage has been sparked on social media and among British businesses in Benidorm, Spain after a group of British men on a stag trip paid £90 to a homeless man to have a tattoo of the groom’s name on his forehead. However, the man – named Tomek and hailing from Poland – didn’t allow the tattoo parlour to complete the job due to the pain.

Reportedly having a tattoo etched anywhere on the head is one of the most painful processes, leading to the homeless man wanting the artist to stop.

Benidorm stag do leads to scandal

The stag group paid Tomek to have the words “Jamie Blake, North Shields, N28” tattooed on his forehead.

The Polish man agreed, lured by the cash, but stopped the tattoo artist before the process was complete as he couldn’t take the pain any longer.

The tattoo parlour apparently found the incident amusing and posted an image on Facebook, where it drew outrage from their followers. As reported by the Daily Record, the image shows the homeless man lying prone, with a light directed at his face and a tattoo artist working on him.

Tomek is giving the camera the peace sign. One person who commented on the post said that the parlour had a “shocking lack of ethics” for agreeing to do the inking.

The Benidorm British Business Association also spoke up about the incident, with Karen Cowles, their president saying what the stag group did to the homeless man was “akin to abuse” and “utterly inhuman.” Cowles said the fact that grown men could take advantage of a vulnerable person this way was appalling.

She added they had left Tomek scarred for life with the tattoo. However, Cowles, who personally knows the homeless man, said that local businesses were reviewing the idea of paying Tomek to get the tattoo removed.

Social media outrage over incident

Among many who objected to the incident, Duncan Bannatyne, a businessman, shared the news on Twitter, asking if anyone knew the groom or his friends.

He went on to say they should “name and shame them,” adding that what they did to the homeless man was “disgusting.” His followers agreed with his sentiments in their responses to his post.

Bannatyne then continued with several tweets, arguing with those who supported the stag group’s actions, as many apparently had no issue with the incident.

Toby Hopkins asked if Bannatyne was so enraged, why doesn't he pay for the homeless man to have the tattoo removed.

Bannatyne responded, pretty much saying that Hopkins had missed the point completely.

Another Twitter user, Paul Meharg, pointed out that the homeless man could have said no and that it was his own choice. Bannatyne responded to say that doesn't make what the en did ok, adding that Tomek probably has mental health issues or an addiction. Naturally, a homeless person would anyway have problems turning down some cash.

As reported by the Birmingham Mail, many other Twitter users struck out about the stag party's treatment of the man. Other tweets relating to the tattooing incident are included within this article.