A family was on holiday in Torrevieja, Spain, when their 17-year-old son, Callum Forster and his stepfather Jamie Hadland, 24, became ill after enjoying a night out. Both were taken to a Torrevieja hospital for treatment for the unexplained illness.

After doctors ran blood tests, they told the family that the pair had possibly been poisoned by cockroach pesticide. Hadland was soon released from the hospital, but the teenager is still there in the critical ward.

Family holiday in Spain goes wrong.

Forster said that Callum is hoping to become an electrical apprentice in September.

Callum took ill on Friday 20 July after the family enjoyed a night out in a bar. Callum’s mother Helen Forster, 36, said that when they returned to their mother’s home, where they were staying during their holiday, Jamie immediately started feeling ill. They got him into bed and he started having a fit.

As reported by the Mirror Online, soon after this, Callum also started to have fits and reportedly suffered 10 seizures while they were waiting for the ambulance to arrive. She said that both Jamie and Callum were rushed to the hospital in Torrevieja.

After running blood tests on both Hadland and Callum, doctors found pesticides in their blood and believe it to be a cockroach pesticide. While Hadland is now back with the family, Callum is still in the hospital under heavy sedation after having seizures and being placed on life support. Doctors are finding it hard to explain his unusually bad reaction to the pesticide.

Callum feeling confused and struggling to talk

Forster said it has been an “absolute nightmare.” She applauded the doctors and nurses, saying they have been “brilliant” and that Callum couldn’t be in a better hospital. However, the teenager is still very confused and finds it hard to answer questions. Forster said they don’t know what the impact of the seizures could be.

Forster said doctors have told them Callum’s recovery may take weeks or even months. Hailing from Leeds in West Yorkshire, Forster said they are being assisted by the British Embassy. The cause of Callum’s illness is still being investigated, and while the teen has been taken off life support, he is still in the critical ward. The family was supposed to be returning to the UK on 27 July, but are staying in Spain to care for Callum.

Friends have launched a crowdfunding campaign to assist the family, which the Metro reports has now raised over £2,300. Forster said she feels overwhelmed by the generosity of donors who don’t know the family. She added that the money they had brought with them to Spain for their holiday has run out.