The robots are coming! Artificial intelligence will steal your job! Every so often see in the media images of robots, or are informed of any system that will completely do away with the labor market as we know it and turn all into beggars obsolete.

The media and the same experts who never hit one seem to love to talk about it and now and then we see a new projection: artificial intelligence will end up with do not know how many millions of jobs. The robot will replace employed worldwide. Let's all be unemployed while versions of the Rose of the Jetsons take our good old jobs!

That was until some nifty robot go to sleep and wake up Rose Terminator, and resolve to get rid of us at once.

Science fiction, in fact, did not help much. For each friendly Lieutenant Date of Star Trek, we have dozens of Cylons, Cybermen,

Hals, Ultrons and a bunch of mechanical beings irritadinhos willing to make our lives a living hell. Of course, the narrative point of view, it is much cooler terms killer robots than history like "Then the Avengers have created Ultron, and everything worked out and peace reigned - End".

Today, it seems that finally arrived at a point where the AI ​​stopped being something of fiction and will become increasingly useful. Of course, the fear of the unknown always makes the future look bleaker.

If you think that one day robots will revolt and kill us all, remember that exactly zero people died today because their computer decided to kill them, but according to the World Health Organization more than a million people die worldwide each year by traffic accidents and cars that drive themselves are getting closer to becoming reality.

You can imagine the number of deaths and accidents that can be avoided, at a global level, from the moment the drivers - and mistakes - humans are removed from the equation? Few people realized that this kind of innovation will do more for health than many medical advances (of course that many professional drivers have bother with Uber, imagine the uproar when meat and bone drivers are replaced by computers).

Technology does not have to be something that comes to replace us. Obviously, in dull and error-prone tasks, it is good for that to happen. But apart from that, the promises of artificial intelligence is to provide increased intelligence to their owners. By doing so, they will make our Work more efficient, practical and safe. My bet is that such systems will enhance, not threaten the life of anyone.