In addition to the research carried out constantly, planning has as one of its sources of information on the organization's history, evaluating the market, whether the goals have been met and the opportunities found. Have in hand reliable data is crucial to translate the market numbers brings a confidence booster, because there are areas where the number is the simplest form of communication.

Many of the collected data can be stored in the database, so there is a change in the products and services offered by the organization.

With the speed provided by the Internet, such as traffic information, it is clear that agility to prepare a proper planning can take unwanted directions, especially where planning is not done, especially in countries where this sector is not very developed.

Many organizations fail to draw up a plan for not knowing your needs, or complete ignorance of the market, consumers or competitors themselves.

To create a planning is necessary to keep in mind:

What the company produces: the production line, not many people know exactly what to do there, no matter the outcome, what is known is that many people are unaware of the final product of their work;

What are the competitors: some organizations are on the market, they only produce but do not know how many companies have the same product to offer;

What was the growth in the last year: many managers do not have in hand tools for measuring growth, making it difficult to design a future result or develop goals for the coming year;

Time for planning work: planning can not be prepared today to apply tomorrow;

Knowledge organization: some managers do not know the productive potential of their organization, the equipment may be obsolete, employees do not undergo training, communication between areas there, etc.

Planning is not the only way for an organization to function properly, the application must be placed in context, it should also leave the paper and understand the importance of applied knowledge in organizations.

There are also examples where changing the act to think, plan and act is visible, learning through research investment is applied in the organization, bearing fruit in a very long time for those who are not planning habit so that the living organization for a much longer time.

The future of an organization depends on what it is to be building throughout its life cycle, from their ability to develop a foundation for success and not only produce anything.