When we talk of success we usually relate this to intelligence. We usually think that big business like Facebook, Netflix, Apple's success are directly related to greater brain capacity, but it was always in check. A survey conducted at Stanford University demystified this idea and promises to change the way you look at it.

Carol Dweck, a psychologist who has spent his career studying performance attitudes, eventually discovered two fundamental characteristics that show that attitudes are more conducive to success than intelligence.

These characteristics are referred to as "fixed mindset" and the other as "growth mindset".

People who have fixed mindset believe that you can not change. And that creates problems especially when they are challenged to do something that goes "beyond" their capabilities. So the block.

Since people with a growth mindset believe they can improve with effort. They outnumber those with a fixed mindset and their high IQs. People with a growth mindset embrace challenges and opportunities to learn something new.

Common sense bet that a skill such as intelligence inspires confidence. And indeed inspires. But if the problem gets out of comfort zone that a person with a fixed mindset is used to house falls.

The bottom line of life is how you handle the challenges, as you reverse every complicated situation even without the slightest idea of ​​how to solve many problems.

You, deep down, you know that you will find the best way. Such a feeling only great leaders possess.

Everything changes can change

Regardless of the side you are currently there is always the need to grow. There is always the decision of wanting to have a growth mindset increasingly accurate. Read some tips below:

Everybody does stupid.

Everyone makes mistakes. This is a fact. The secret is not to kill and move on. Countless successful people that you know have gone through situations that you do not even can imagine. So do not get discouraged and be empathetic to people. They also make mistakes.

Be passionate. Passionate people are relentless. They do not rest, they do not stop until you reach what they want.

Put in mind that there will always be someone more talented than you, but if they have no passion can easily be overcome. Has passion for the business you are involved and reach your goals.

Take action. People with a growth mindset are able to overcome their fears. They know that it paralyzes your emotions and attitudes and the best way to overcome this is by taking action. Often there will be the perfect time to move forward in making a decision. So why wait for one? Go ahead!

Do more than your duty. People who want to give all of you are not content to eliminate the daily checklist. These people like to find new problems to solve. They know that it makes them learn new things and prepare to acquire new skills.

To close our conversation do not complain when things come out of your control. Complaining is a fixed mindset obvious sign. People with a growth mindset watching opportunities at all. And remember: in all things there are new chances for learning.