In my dentist's office I had a sensational marketing phrase, those difficult to overcome, "only take care of the teeth that you want to preserve."

I never did, despite having made the exercise dozens of times with partners and employees, creating a sentence so interesting to show the manager the importance of training for the preservation of his business.

"If you believe that training is important for your business to grow, the best opportunity is." This is a remembrance of the head, but light years from the dentist's sentence and well feeble lFooking back.

I still do not find the perfect phrase to try to "stick" the head of the entrepreneur that it is impossible to compete without being prepared. Training, learning, keep up with changes of their time, are the only way to preserve the company. Even more if we consider that what we learn there are four or five years ago is worth very little these days.

One international researchfound that 72% of small businesses break through inexperience of its members, and only 17.64% of entrepreneurs are trained in the business district.

That is, the subject is amateur and wants to compete against professionals. Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar are very experienced, more talented than almost all entrepreneurs, and train every day.

It seems that entrepreneurs, managers and employees believe the talent to run the company is innate, a gift that is born with the person. A big mistake that ignorance (in the literal sense to ignore) leaves look beyond.

The image that always comes to mind is that many business owners are in archery war, but do not see themselves that way.

Warren Buffett has a phrase that portrays the lack of preparation in running a business, "it is when the tide we see who's been swimming naked."

If the crisis is putting to the test extremely well prepared professionals, imagine what the staff of the bow and arrow is not moving!

No preparation is difficult to generate relevant combination strategy structure models, sales channels alternatives, the positioning mark, analysis of available niches or cost management, for example, that make sense.

What comes out of these combinations have to make more sense than combinations of competitors.

So that competition between companies is less and more between managers. The best lead their companies forward. The worst break. The choice of the team that will play depends on each one. Play on the team that is most likely requires the effort to prepare the great athletes or great adventurers such as Amir Klink or Amundsen, two subjects that led to the extreme preparation for the challenge.

A contradiction when we think about the level of preparedness of most people. Little read, studied even less, are almost or no progress, attend lectures very rarely, and want to be entrepreneurs.

It will not Work.

Anyway, better late than never. Prepare more and good luck.