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Snooker: do you fancy a break in the sun?

Snooker treasure Steve Davis will crown the first Club Player's World Champion in Benidorm next year
Do you fancy a snooker break in Benidorm? If so, you could be flying out next year and lifting the first Club Player's Championship with a prize pot of 8,000 Euros in September. Staying in Benidorm...
7 December 2016 -
C. Gaynor

Snooker: Mark Selby's incredible dominance

How many ranking titles realistically can snooker's Jester from Leicester win before he turns 40?
MARK SELBY scooped his second UK Championship title over the weekend, defeating snooker's Rocket Ronnie O'Sullivan 10 - 7 finishing off with a 107 in the final frame he needed to clinch the title. ...
5 December 2016 -
C. Gaynor

Snooker: Pistol Mark Allen racks first career 147

Allen rounds off a record breaking first weekend for snooker's UK Championship
MARK ALLEN racked his first career 147 in York at the Betway UK Championship over the weekend. The perfect break makes it the sixth of the season and the 124th snooker maximum in snooker history....
28 November 2016 -
C. Gaynor
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  • Snooker - Neil Robertson crashes out of UK Championship 2016

    The Australian snooker ace won't be retaining his UK crown this year in York
    Neil Robertson has crashed out this year's Betway UK Championship in York. The 34-year-old was sent packing from the first round by Peter Lines 6 - 3 after a poor performance from the Thunder from...
    25 November 2016
    C. Gaynor
  • Snooker fans; How much for a 147?

    The UK Snooker Championship sees a maximum pocket £10,000 for Mark Allen, but is that enough?
    SNOOKER FANS have been reacting to Ronnie O'Sullivan's rants in the media about the sport being like a car boot sale. The rant included O'Sullivan's, 40, views on why the BBC haven't included a...
    30 November 2016
    C. Gaynor
  • Snooker: key ranking battles in York

    During the Betway UK Championship there has been some key movements in the provisional ranking list
    Ronnie O'Sullivan may have qualified for the Masters in January having won his sixth Masters title last season, but the Rocket is provisionally outside the top 16 in 17th position. However, a run...
    2 December 2016
    C. Gaynor
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  • Stephen Hendry on snooker today and yesterday

    The seven-times World Snooker Champion talks to David Hendon on today's and yesterday's game...
    STEPHEN HENDRY believes modern snooker players of today are guilty of over celebrating their achievements, and not buckling down and getting on with winning the next tournament. Hendry, who has won...
    21 November 2016
    C. Gaynor
  • Snooker: Kyren Wilson defeats Ronnie O'Sullivan

    The Kettering potter managed to see off the Rocket in the final frame decider after O'Sullivan had made three centuries.
    O'Sullivan and Higgins The Rocket came up against a rampant Kyren Wilson who took the first three frames with some scintillating long pots despite not making big breaks. A cool O'Sullivan however,...
    18 November 2016
    C. Gaynor
  • Snooker: O'Sullivan to face great pal White in Belfast

    The Whirlwind Jimmy White and the Rocket Ronnie O'Sullivan to meet in the northern Ireland Open snooker.
    Crowd favourites and great pals Ronnie O'Sullivan and Jimmy White will face off at the northern Irish Open in Belfast this week for the first time since 2011. The Rocket and the Whirlwind came...
    15 November 2016
    C. Gaynor
  • Snooker: How long before this record is broken?

    What incredible snooker record am I talking about? Not the one you think... Read on to find out
    RAY REARDON is currently the oldest player at 45 to have won the World Championships in the modern snooker era. Reardon, now in his 80s, (84) won his sixth and final World title in 1978, a year after...
    23 November 2016
    C. Gaynor
  • Snooker: Should referee's have live walk ons in tournaments?

    Are snooker referees sometimes the forgotten people of matches when it's televised on TV at the start
    Snooker referees The men in the middle. The ball cleaners. Score-keepers. General passage of play men. The crowd bouncers. The snooker referee has an important job in all aspects of enforcing the...
    22 November 2016
    C. Gaynor
  • Mark King: The snooker battler wins maiden title

    King, known as the Romford battler, fights to claim his maiden ranking title at the Coral northern Ireland Open in Belfast.
    ESSEX'S MARK KING has claimed his first ranking title - at the age of 42, since turning professional in 1991. King battled from 5 - 1 down in the first session of the match with Barry Hawkins to 5 - 3...
    21 November 2016
    C. Gaynor
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