A brand new Cue Sport called 7Ballrun is set to sweep the globe next year after a big initial success down in Cambridge UK in November.

The team involved plan on hosting promotional events in the UK, US, China and Europe in 2018.

7Ballrun is a game based on pure skill where gamblers can base their judgement on the skills of a player rather than the luck of the break-off shot.

Based on nine ball, the break is eliminated from the equation and the player must make a 7 ball clearance from the balls placed in a certain position on the table.

The Purest Form of Cue Sports

Shawn Budd, a Director at SingleShot Entertainment Inc who is part of the team involved with the new revolutionary cue sport, explained how the idea came about via an email Q&A.

"The founder of our company Jason Lahser has a background in professional gambling. He has always been able to determine what the pros call an edge. He came up with the concept of games void of luck and all about skill which gives everyday gamblers the opportunity to base their opinion on pure factual data, rather than man-made opinion."

Lahser researched that there were only two sports this model worked well for, and they were Golf and Cue Sports.

Budd added: "Eliminating the break-off and tee off shots in these sports takes away the edge and chance odds.

We like to say eliminating the break off is like a race car driver not having to worry about crashing."

Watch: How 7Ballrun Works

Top Australian Snooker player Neil Robertson was persuaded to come on board with the new concept after being explained how it worked and demonstrated by another Aussie player Vinnie Calabrese and the team.

You probably saw him at this year's UK Championship wearing the logo on his waistcoat.

Budd said the team were humbled to have the 35-year-old former 2010 World Snooker Champion on board.

He added there are plans for there to be a proprietary launch of the game in March next year.

The game, however, he says is for pure gamblers only.

Although it's a gambling product by nature of how it's set up, Budd said there were opportunities to create tournament formats such as the initial launch of the product in November this year where there was a match between England's leading pool player Chris Melling and legend snooker player Jimmy White against Neil Robertson and Vinnie Calabrese at the Cambridge Men's club.

The company is seeking investors - and is hoping that more cue sports players will jump on board to play and promote the game.

Budd added: "As we showcase the format, more good players will come to compete. Some can come and earn a great living playing a new form of billiards full time."

7Ballrun has gone down well in Australia.

Budd said: "We demonstrated the game in OZ, with the likes of William Hill and Betradar, (a sports statistics and betting operator) in attendance, and the game was compelling and was a big winner."

He added there were no specific locations as yet in UK, Europe, US and China but were working on it.

"March launch next year is No 1 priority."

For more information on this new cue sport, google 7Ballrun and visit the website.

From TenBall, to Power Snooker, to Shootout, there's always someone trying to push the boundaries of normal traditional snooker and cue sports.