CHINA'S Cao Yupeng has fired a Maximum in in Glasgow at the Dafabet Scottish Open.

The 36 pots came in a first-round encounter against Widnes Warrior Andrew Higginson in the third frame.

Yupeng becomes the second Chinaman this season to rack a 147 after China No 2 Liang Wenbo fired one in at the English Open and scooped a massive £40,000 for the effort.

The 27-year-old is the third player to make one this season, as he follows Wenbo and Kettering's Kyren Wilson into the maximum table this season.

This is Yupeng's first career 147 and he is the third player from China to make a maximum in tournament play.

Only Ding Junhui, whose made six career 147s and Wenbo made his second career maximum in Barnsley have racked the perfect score in tournament play from China.

He also fired himself into the next round beating Higginson 4 - 0 with all four frames with breaks over 50.

Maximums last season came thick and fast as there were 13 made in tournament play.

Yupeng becomes the 44th player to make a single maximum in tournament competition.

Assuming there isn't another maximum made in Glasgow, Yupeng collects £20,000 for the rolling 147 prize and £2,000 for the high break prize.

Yupeng's reward for a maximum and the high break is actually £2,000 more than what the semi-finalists will receive, i.e, £20,000, so, regardless what happens to Yupeng in the rest of this event, he has had a nice payday from that single frame!

Maximum Power

Surprisingly, the maximums have been thin on the ground this season, although there have been some courageous attempts by players in the UK Championships who missed a pink.

China's Li Hang was on a break of 120 and on for a possible maximum in York but missed the yellow with a rest.

The first maximum break in tournament play came in the 1982 Lada Classic, made by Steve Davis, before in 83, Canada's Cliff Thorburn made the first ever maximum at the Crucible, all coming from a fluke.

There is always debate in Snooker when it comes to making a maximum about whether they are getting easier for pros to make in tournament play.

Welshman Ryan Day made his first maximum against Cao Yupeng as Yupeng's 147 becomes the 134th Maximum in official tournament history.

147 Drought This Season

Surprisingly, the maximums this season have come in tournaments in shorter formats, rather than in the longer formats, with the Home Nations series providing fans with two maximums out of the four events.

The winner of the Scottish Open will pocket £70,000 as the last ranking event before the Christmas break.

Last season, the only Asian player to make a maximum was Thepchaiyah Un-Nooh from Thailand. There were no Chinese who made maximums.

Marco Fu and Ding Junhui made one the previous season in 2015/16.

Ding made two in a season in 2011/12 season.

Four Thai players have all made maximums in snooker history with the veteran James Wattana having made three in his long career as formerly Thailand's no 1 snooker player in the 1990s.