Racking a 147 is a special moment for any snooker player - regardless of whether it's in amateur or professional competition.

For Daniel Kandi (pictured), that special moment came in the first round of this year's Danish Snooker Championships and it's a moment he will savour for the rest of his snooker life.

A DJ by day and a, well, snooker player by day or night, the Dane is well and truly on the road to a shining career in the game as he said he has ambitions to reach the professional circuit.

But first, he must navigate the tough school of QSchool in May, which he said he is having a go at - where he will compete with many hopefuls all hoping to be one of a handful of players to secure a two-year tour card on the pro stage.

So far, we have seen players from Germany, China, and England qualify for the circuit in 2018/19.

These are the likes of:

Germany's Simon Lichtenberg

China's Luo Honghao

England's Harvey Chandler

For Kandi though, now, it's just time to savour the maximum he had made over the Easter - a first in Danish snooker competition.

Tears of joy plus relief

The 34-year-old, who has played since 1998, said in an online chat: "Nothing felt truly safe until I actually potted the pink and saw that the cue ball bounced perfectly on to the black. It's definitely the best position I've ever dropped onto black for. I knew I wasn't going to miss that black as it was plum!"

He added: "I just felt the biggest set of emotions and had a few tears.

Just pure relief really."

Touring DJ Kandi, who has been involved in music since 2000, particularly Trance, under the name DJ Mendoza, said he has made tons in practice before but in recent weeks has been practicing the cross line-up in preparation for matches.

When asked if he had a nickname for himself in snooker, the DJ replied: "I think they will call me Mr.

Maximum now ha ha, but, really, I should be called "The Technician" as I've got really solid fundamentals."

He said he first got into snooker watching the Dr. Martens European League from Matchroom Sport in 1995, as the very first thing, but he then started watching the German Masters later and sought out a place to play with a table and then got started.

He has DJ-ing and music as his main job.

Walk On: Thunderstruck

Ironically, six-times World Champion Steve Davis, now retired from pro competition, has trodden the path of the music scene and enjoys his DJ stints.

For most snooker players there is a dream to walk onto the main stage with a walk-on tune - something that rocks the audience. Something that makes the audience remember you.

Those who follow pro snooker know there are many walk-on tunes that catch the imagination.

For Kandi, one of his Walk On tunes he said he would have if he were to turn professional would be ACDC's Thunderstruck - released in 1990 (see video).

The most memorable walk-on song for me by a player has to be Marco Fu's walk on by the Script, "Superheroes".

Good luck to Daniel at QSchool in May.

*At the time of writing this, Kandi was competing in the semi-finals of the Danish Snooker Championship.

He has won the Danish Championship from 2004 - 9 - five consecutive years in a row.