The English Partnership of Snooker and Billiards (EPSB) has launched a new scheme to help boost UK Snooker Clubs and put them on the map.

The 147 Club aims to promote clean and safe environments for people so the UK public can enjoy the growing and global sport that is snooker.

How it works

It simply works like this.

A club owner joins up and gains access to a ton of free and paid benefits depending on the membership level he chooses.

There are silver and gold membership with the gold being a paid version for even more benefits.

Benefits include:

1) E-newsletter - to stay up to date with news from across snooker.

2) Club finder - a map location for clubs that have joined up.

3) Insurance - Just in case anything happens to players inside, or theft or damage, there is an insurance scheme to cover.

4) Join Sport England and its Accreditation Scheme

5) Access to exclusive discounts on products to help improve the look of your club

6) Be Supported - Gain support for development initiatives and training

7) Get your club on the map by hosting and competing in tournaments sanctioned by the EPSB such as World Disability Snooker and WLBS World Ladies Snooker.

8) Branding - receive promotional material to help promote snooker and your club.

9) Tickets and discounts to World Snooker events

10) And a whole lot more...

Clubs Whom have Joined

Owners are already joining this great benefits scheme such as the South West Snooker Academy in Gloucester.

WPBSA Club and Facilities Manager Bob Hill said: "The 147 Club is open to all types of facilities where snooker is played, including commercial clubs, social clubs, community halls and leisure centres.

We want to demonstrate that snooker can be played in clean, safe environments that are open to everyone."

Hill added this new scheme reflected feedback from clubs in how to promote and boost the image of snooker in the modern world.

Long gone are the days of smokey snooker halls as players on the professional circuit now promote healthy diets and sensible living.

Andrew Norman, Manager of SWSA, said: "We look forward to working with the scheme to help people learn, play and enjoy the sport of snooker."

Another club manager in Stoke said he hoped this would boost the image of his club and ultimately gain members.

As well as great benefits, another great way to keep up to date with events on the amateur scene is Snooker Hub. This website provides links to amateur competitions, exhibitions and disability events.

To join the 147 Club, head to the EPSB website and to view the amateur scene go to Snooker Hub to be updated.

Want to view more amateur snooker The English Association of Snooker and Billiards also run competitions, and to keep updated view the news and reports on the website.