Currently, in Snooker's Hall Of Fame, there are 28 players on the list - and they are all men.

In fact, 24 of them are World Champions. Four aren't. Jimmy White, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame last season, has obviously come close to being a World Champion on six occasions.

Clive Everton, now in his 80s, was also inducted last season as someone who has served the snooker community a great deal with his knowledge of the game from both as a Magazine editor and also a commentator for both BBC and now of ITV.

Rex Williams is a World Billiards Champion not a World Snooker Champion but was a twice runner-up in 64/65.

The other player on the list is a Thai player.

Whilst Clive Everton is a worthy addition to the Hall of Fame, it seems that there are plenty of women snooker players who could be worthy of being added to the list.

The nominees

Three come to mind.

Reanne Evans -

She's won 11 World Ladies titles, and, whilst she hasn't been on the tour - winning those in her own right should be more than enough to add her to the list.

Indeed, Hong Kong's Ng On Yee (pictured) should also be there as someone who is also creating a name for herself in the sport.

Both Reanne Evans and Ng On Yee will be competing in next week’s World Championship qualifiers.

The third should be Allison Fisher. She won 7 World titles from 1985 - 94.

Polls Apart

A Twitter poll I conducted recently, whilst small suggested over half of those who voted agreed there should be a woman or women included in the Hall of Fame.

Both Reanne Evans and Ng On Yee have achieved a great deal in the game. 14 World Ladies titles between them. Indeed, another woman who should be added is Allison Fisher.

She won 7 World Ladies titles from the period 1985 - 1994.

If Clive Everton can be added to the Hall of Fame for achievement in journalism for snooker and reporting/commentary, then surely the great ladies of the game can be too.

There's been mixed reaction since I posted the Twitter poll.

One on Facebook said: "No. None of the women are at the standard the men are.

And there shouldn't be pressure to include a woman just because of equality. Best way to show equality is to look at their skill alone."

This fan had a point. However, there are by far some much better women than men who play snooker. Another agreed with the poll response and said: "Tough one. If we're trying to promote gender equality then no. He goes on to say that the women in question we are talking about such as Reanne Evans and Ng On Yee haven't delivered on tour.

However, the Hall of Fame inclusions already suggests you don't even have to be on tour to be included. The fan added: "If however, we are judging the two genders separately, then absolutely."

The Hall of Fame is updated at the end of every season. Who will be on it this year?