Greece is the scene of deadly wildfires. So far more than 70 people have died, ABC reported. Tourists to the Attica area, the region where Athens is located, fled to beaches to escape the flames. People were found dead in the water and one large group of more than 20 people died near Mati, CBS noted. International help is on the way. In the meantime, people have lost their pets in the face of the terrifying fires and confusion.

New Facebook community page for missing pets

A new Facebook page was set up to help those people who have lost their pets in the Attica wildfires to post photos.

Meanwhile, other people who have found animals fleeing the flames can also post up photos. The idea of the website is to get as many lost pets reunited with their owners as possible. Right now, Greek authorities are focused on saving people, but that did not stop them from helping out where they could. Firemen were seen rescuing a bird in a cage and giving water to a dog.

There are already quite a lot of heartbreaking posts on the Facebook page, showing animals lost and found in the Greek region of Attica.

People in Attica have a place to go with their pets

Meanwhile, there is a place that people can go if they have their pets and no place to keep them.

Keep Talking Greece website says that they can go to Vasilis Zermpoglou who "invites people hit by the fire who have pets with them and have nowhere to go [to go] to Spata, near the Athens International Airport." He also has a Facebook Page under the account of vasilis.zermpoglou.

There are some lovely acts of kindness going on in Greece.

Reddit has some photos of people going out of their way to assist animals in trouble. The BBC showed photos of the tragic fire and one of them showed a dog lying on a rock, surrounded by water.

The Attica Fire destroyed homes, killed more than 70 people

So far, the Attica fires in Greece have destroyed many homes. In fact, an updated report from TRT says the death toll has now risen to 80 people.

Tourists were rescued off beaches on Tuesday. Today firefighters are still battling blazes in places, and rescuers search through ash and debris for victims. Attica was declared to be a state of emergency. "Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras cut short a visit to Bosnia and announced three days of national mourning," TRT wrote.

It is feared that more victims will come to light. So far there are reportedly many people still missing in Attica. Some of the hospitalised patients are in serious condition