Reportedly the “Baby Shark” song predates the version by the South Korean kids’ entertainment company. In fact, it is a pretty old and long-standing children’s song. However, it’s Pinkfong’s version that is zooming up the Billboard 100 charts in the USA. As at 11 January 2019, the ditty is sitting comfortably at the 32nd position on the charts after becoming viral on their YouTube channel. Surprisingly, the song first came out on YouTube in 2016 but has soared in views, reaching the two billion mark.

It turns out children and adults alike enjoy watching the YouTube version of the song with its colourful sharks and fish.

‘Baby Shark’ and its catchy beat

The popularity of the catchy little song has reportedly been helped along by Pinkfong’s “Baby Shark Challenge,” which asked participants to video themselves dancing to the song. According to Billboard, last week saw “Baby Shark” as recording an amazing 20.8 million streams. 73 percent of those were added in the video views. There isn’t much in the way of lyrics, with the words “baby shark,” "mommy shark," "daddy shark," as well as “doo, doo, doo, doo” making up the song.

As reported by Metro, Billboard started adding streams into account back in 2014 when they moved away from a pure, sales-based approach. This only makes sense, due to the fact that streaming is starting to overtake physical sales.

From May 2018, Billboard started to add in streaming on a number of subscription services, including Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud, as well as less weight on ad-supported views on YouTube.

Despite this, the catchy little "Baby Shark" ditty still swam up to position 32 on the Billboard Charts, ahead of Ellie Goulding and Diplo’s “Close To Me” with rapper Swae Lee, and one step behind Luke Combs’ “She Got the Best of Me.”

Watch “Baby Shark” on Pinkfong’s YouTube channel here:

Popularity soars after celebrities embrace ‘Baby Shark’

It hasn’t hurt the South Korean song one little bit after it started featuring in the USA, with celebrities like LeBron James and Ellen DeGeneres speaking about the kid’s ditty.

ABC News reports that Pinkfong itself now boasts around 14 million subscribers around the world and offer their songs in English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Russian, Spanish and Thai, thus boosting their popularity very nicely. Their latest song, “Jungle Boogie,” is much like “Baby Shark” and offers educational value and a catchy song for kids. Maybe that’s the next one on the US Billboard 100? You can enjoy “Jungle Boogie” below.