We could all learn a lesson from this feline and canine in terms of making friends with everyone and ending up on social media for the best reasons. A cat in Istanbul, Turkey just redefined the word “catwalk” after it jumped up onto the runway during a live fashion show. The feline was then seen to strut its stuff and then become playful with the models, trying to catch their fashion outfits with its playful paws as they strutted by.

Meanwhile, in Big Bear, California, a golden retriever rescue dog just wants to be friends with everyone who passes by, dropping his ball onto the pavement and inviting them to play with him.

He is now a favourite with all the neighbours, many of whom have posted images and videos on social media.

Feline fashion fan takes over the runway

It happened on Friday in Istanbul, Turkey at the 2018 Esmod international Fashion Show. While the models were strutting their stuff in the latest fashions, the grey and white cat decided to do the same. A video was posted by Instagram user hknylcn showing the cat and the footage has since gone viral.

As reported by CBS News, the cat can initially be seen strolling on the runway before it decides to let out its playful side. As the fashion models pass by, the cat can be seen swatting at their clothing or anything that catches its playful eye. The footage ends with the errant kitty strolling over to its new fans in the audience and making friends.

Speaking to The Dodo, fashion designer Göksen Hakkı said everyone at the fashion show was “in shock” at the cat’s hilarious behaviour.

Dog just wants to have fun

As reported by The Dodo, a golden retriever named Riley was adopted at 10 weeks old from a shelter in Big Bear, California. Reportedly his former family was unable to keep him.

Luckily for Riley, Wendy Walden came along and she had wanted a golden retriever for some time after losing her own.

Wendy had no idea just how popular her dog would become. Riley was quick to settle in and Walden said he is the sweetest dog. So sweet, however, that he wants to make friends with everybody that passes by their home.

Riley jumps up and hangs his front legs over the wall and when someone walks by, he casually drops his ball in an open invitation to play. Virtually everyone that comes across Riley and his ball trick takes photos or video clips to share on social media. Walden said it was just like paparazzi, with people stopping their cars and getting out to take images and selfies with Riley.

It turns out they used the neighbour’s house to Film “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and Riley captured the attention of the film crew right away. It ended up with most of them taking selfies with the friendly dog, even the cast.