On Saturday there was an amazing fairytale wedding in Twinsburg, Ohio. 32-year-old identical twin sisters Brittany and Briana Deane married Josh and Jeremy Salyers, 34-year-old identical twin brothers. This is something that Brittany and Briana dreamed of when they were children and now that dream has come true.

As reported by Yahoo! News, the couples met at the Twins Day Festival a year ago and got married at that same festival, held ironically in Twinsburg, Ohio, with identical twin ministers taking their vows. The ceremony had the theme of “Twice Upon a Time.”

Identical twin marriage

Briana told People.com the ceremony was really a double fairytale come true.

She can even remember the sisters talking way back when they were in kindergarten about marrying identical twin brothers. While they knew the chances were pretty slim, Brittany said “the stars had to align” in order for their dreams to become reality. She said it was wonderful to marry the man of her dreams, while her sister was next to her, also marrying her dream man.

Photos taken at the ceremony showed the two smiling couples, side-by-side. Reportedly the wedding ceremony will be aired as an hour-long special feature on TLC.com in early 2019, giving more details about how the couples met and the road they followed to get married.

Meeting at the Twins Day Festival 2017

Brittany and Briana have attended the Twins Day Festival for several years.

It was on the final day of the festival last year that they met Josh and Jeremy, in what was their first visit to the festival. Briana said she remembers when they first spoke together and that it felt like everything was in slow motion.

Brittany and Briana planned their joint wedding carefully. Briana said much of the planning was fun for them to do together as they have the same taste and the same vision of how their double wedding should be.

However, the hardest part of the whole thing was doing the wedding planning from across state lines. Josh and Jeremy live in Hagerstown, Maryland and it turns out they had also planned not to marry unless they found the perfect identical twin sisters to fall in love with. Brittany explained that it is difficult to date what they call a “singleton,” as they don’t understand the close bond that twins have.

Newly-married twin couples to share the same home

Brittany said they are excited for both identical twin couples to live in the same home and raise their children together. She said when she and Josh have children they will be genetic siblings with her sister and Jeremy’s children, even though technically they are cousins. Brittany said it will be like two mothers and two fathers raising their families together.