David Hasselhoff, 66, has wed his Welsh girlfriend, Hayley Roberts, 38, in Puglia, Italy. This comes seven years after Roberts asked for the former “Baywatch” star’s autograph. The older folk will also remember him from his "Knight Rider" days.

Hayley used to work as a sales assistant at Debenhams in Merthyr Tydfil and later became a model. They were reportedly both were in tears when David originally proposed to her. They had a quiet, intimate wedding ceremony in southern Italy, with only family and close friends attending.

Romance despite the age gap

When Hayley Roberts first met David Hasselhoff, asking him for an autograph, she would never have imagined that she would end up being his bride. However, seven years later that is what happened. Wales Online quotes Hello! Magazine as reporting that when he first made his romantic proposal, they were both crying.

David, a father of two children, proposed to Roberts at a Malibu beach picnic two years ago. Hayley told the magazine that she thought he was joking at first and that he had asked her before, but it hadn’t been real until that moment. When he produced the ring, she cried so much that it took around ten minutes for him to actually say the magic words, “Will you marry me?”

Hasselhoff admitted that it was due to the age gap that he had waited so long to propose to Hayley.

However, he went on to say that he has a saying, that you don’t marry someone because you want to live with them, you marry them because you are unable to live without them. He said he felt that way, but waited as he believed he was too old for Hayley.

Age gap not a problem for Hayley

On Hayley’s side, she says the 27-year-old age gap doesn’t bother her at all.

She told Hello! That she didn’t want to miss out on being with the person she loves because of something that might happen later.

David, known to his fans as “The Hoff” told Entertainment Tonight earlier in July that they would be married on 31st July. He said they were getting married in Italy. At the time he said it was his birthday on Tuesday, after which they were travelling to the UK and several other places, before heading to Puglia in Italy for the intimate wedding with her Welsh family and friends.

Their honeymoon plans were to head to the Maldives for around two weeks.

Third marriage for David Hasselhoff

Hasselhoff was formerly married to Catherine Hickland and Pamela Bach, so here's hoping for third time lucky. He shares two daughters, Hayley and Taylor, with Pamela.