Toronto, Canada, was the scene of gun violence on Sunday night (July 23rd). The Guardian reported that an incident happened at "Danforth and Pape Avenues in Toronto’s Greektown neighbourhood, which has many popular restaurants, cafes and shops." Reportedly, a total of 15 people were shot, including the gunman. One woman was confirmed dead and thirteen people, including a teenager, were injured. The gunman was shot and killed during an exchange of gunfire with police.

The motivation for the attack is not yet known, but USA Today noted that Mark Saunders, Police Chief, had not ruled out terrorism, but they are not ruling out other reasons either.

Toronto gunman seemed to deliberately shoot people in a restaurant

The Guardian noted that footage from the incident showed what appeared to be a man who shot into a Greektown "eatery" from a position in the street outside. Police confirmed via Twitter, that a handgun was used during the attack.

The police are calling for witnesses to come forward or contact their anonymous tip line.

Witnesses describe their experience during the Toronto shooting

Jody Steinhauer told Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), that she was out in the area with her family when they heard what sounded like about "10 to 15" firecrackers. She added that they were instructed to get to the back of the restaurant. The next thing was that they heard people "screaming" outside.

USA Today cited one man, John Tulloch, as saying that they heard around "20 to 30" shots as they got out of their car. He said, “We just ran. We saw people starting to run so we just ran."

Gun violence on the rise in Toronto

Gun violence in Canada is not as high as those incidents in neighbouring USA. However, it is on the rise.

In fact, there were extra police on the streets to combat the rising number of weapons-related incidents. Toronto Mayor John Tory noted that it is a recent issue in Toronto and people never had to worry about it before. But, he added, "there are things that happen nowadays and they are just unspeakable.”

During a press conference, Tory admitted gun violence is rising, saying, the incident is "evidence of a gun problem." Police data shows that shooting deaths rose by 53 percent this year. Shooting incidents have risen by 13 percent. USA Today noted that "Toronto Councillor Paula Fletcher told CP24 she heard that the gunman was emotionally disturbed." She was particularly distressed that the gunman incident happened in an area of Toronto where families often go for dinner on Sunday nights.