President trump is accused of many things. One of them is a close Russian connection, for which a grand jury has been assembled headed by chief prosecutor Barry Mueller, the investigation is ongoing and there is every chance that at some stage the president himself will be interviewed. This will not be the end as there are other persons who feel that Trump has some connection with Russia. One of the respected four-star generals of the US Army, who has now Retired, has at last opened his mouth and he has accused the president of a conspiring with the Russians and undermined national security.

MSN has reported that the General has spoken up as his conscience did not permit him to keep silent.

General McCaffrey

It must be mentioned that general McCaffrey is one of the most decorated 4-star generals of the US Army who saw action in Vietnam and the Gulf War, he is a straightforward soldier and his opinion is not biased. The Russian connection is definitely something which Donald has not been able to explain. The old Red Indian saying that there is no smoke without fire is true to an extent. The fact that even after one year of his inauguration as president of the USA, the allegations of a Russian connection are very much in the news shows that perhaps there may be some truth in them.

Trump himself may not have been in touch with the Russians but some of his office staff may have and there is a distinct possibility Russia would have launched a cyber war to try and swing the vote in favor of Trump.

One must remember that Trump was short of the popular vote by over 3 million and yet won the election. Such a thing rarely happens and it is a moot point how much a hand the Russians had in getting Trump elected. The president is incensed by such comments but the view of a retired and respected four-star general cannot be brushed under the carpet.

The general holds no political position and has nothing to gain by making frivolous allegations. It is likely that he is concerned that a man who has become the President of the USA, may have been put in the chair by the Russians.

High-level game

Such a scenario is within the realm of possibility and is not entirely fiction.

The president has tried to show that he is very tough with the Russians by expelling 60 diplomats in retaliation for an attempted poisoning of a Russian spy in Britain. This does not seem to have satisfied his opponents who feel the president has something to hide. As I have written earlier the president himself may not have been in touch with the Russians but then for the Russians to act in his favor there is no requirement to contact them. Cyber warfare is a high-level technical game and the Russians could have made an attempt, irrespective of how much success they had.