PALESTINIANS have seen their freedoms restricted further and violence escalate during Land Day protests. The west has largely been distracted by the anti-Semitism smear on Jeremy Corbyn in the meantime Israeli Forces have murdered people protesting over the land that has ben stolen from them. Plus, they have also begun to crackdown on their Freedom Of Movement.

If this was the other way around, no doubt there would be media coverage all over the globe and calling out the violent and destructive ways against a race of people, but why is it acceptable if they are Arab?

Land Day and restrictions on Palestinians

On 30 March 1976, Palestinian citizens of Israel declared - for the first time since the Israeli occupation of their land in 1948 - a general and comprehensive strike in rejection of successive Israeli discriminatory policies since 1948. But Israeli forces killed at least 16 Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip on Friday, according to authorities, as tens of thousands demonstrated across the occupied territories and Israel on "Land Day". Land Day stems from 30 March 1976, when Israeli forces killed six Palestinian citizens of Israel during a protest against land confiscations. Palestinians have marked the day for the past 42 years to denounce Israeli policies to take over Palestinian land.

The Israeli Defence Force then tweeted that they knew where every bullet hit and that their shooting was calculated. This is murder and the Tweet itself has since been deleted but where is the outrage from the British government, the media have briefly reported about the suffering of the Palestinians at the hands of Israel but don’t do enough.

The reason is simple, they’re not the right colour. Any liberal minded or socially aware individual should feel for the Palestinian people, yet where is their outrage? The hypocrisy is astounding because if you replace Arab with Jew, then the West would jump to their support immediately. There should be no discrimination when it comes to the murder of humans.

Palestinians are bracing for a crackdown on their freedom of movement after Israel announced eight days of border restrictions during the Jewish Passover holiday. As of Thursday night, Israeli forces will prevent Palestinians with permits from entering Israel and the annexed East Jerusalem. There are exceptions for humanitarian and medical cases, official Palestinian news agency Wafa reported earlier this week. The move itself could be seen as an attempt to test the viability of extending the ban beyond the Passover holiday.

The UK and anti-Semitism

Meanwhile in the UK, a YouGov poll has highlighted that anti-Semitism has fallen in Labour since 2015 and risen in the Conservatives. In 2015, 16% of Labour voters agreed with the statement that ‘Jews hold too much power in the media’, compared to 11% in 2017.

This compares with 17% of Conservative voters agreeing with the statement in 2015, with a 2% reduction to 15% in 2017. In 2015, 11% of Labour voters agreed with the statement that ‘Jews talk about the Holocaust too much in order to get sympathy’, declining to 8% in 2017. This decline from Labour voters is in stark contrast to Tory voters who actually saw a rise in their supporters agreeing in this statement – with 12% agreeing with it in 2015 compared to 13% in 2017.

Whilst YouGov has been one of the less reliable polling companies, this is interesting because they are run by a Conservative MP and founded by another former Conservative candidate, with extensive links to the party. This poll directly undermines claims made by opponents of the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Furthermore, the far-right propaganda outlet has led with an article claiming that they essentially caught Jeremy Corbyn ‘red-handed’ at a far-left event, which was full of people calling for the ‘destruction of Israel’ and vocally attacking the Jewish people.

The issue is that they left out some important facts about the event in which Jeremy Corbyn attended. The event was held in his constituency of Islington and it the people who attended, were all Jews. The Jewish community who attended just so happen to hold left-wing progressive views and are vocal in their condemnation of the way Israel treat the Palestinians. This is much the same as when George Soros is involved. This is pure anti-Semitism, by claiming all those Jews who hold left-wing ideology are anti-Semites, yet anyone who support right-wing ideology are victims.