The inevitable has happened. trump has fired his National Security Adviser in a dramatic remaking of his White House. The president has announced that General HR McMaster would be replaced by former UN Ambassador, John Bolton. With key decisions looming ahead on Iran and North Korea, Trump has affected the change to strengthen his hand. Yahoo news has reported that John Bolton is a “hawk” and had supported the Iraq war. His entry is not to the liking of many in America.

Sacking McMaster

Though the president was gracious and made a statement that McMaster did “an outstanding job & will always remain my friend," the fact is the President was irked by his advice and went ahead and congratulated Putin.

General McMaster was one of the old-timers who had been brought up on a diet of anti-Russianism. He failed to adjust to the ideas of Trump which are nothing short of revolutionary. The General, on his last visit to Europe, had said that there was definite proof that Russia interfered with the presidential election but he forgot to add that Trump's victory was not engineered by Russia. This was a blunder and was a key to his thinking.

The sacking was on the cards and now Trump is set to revamp his team. Testing events are ahead with Iran and North Korea on top of the list and to the chagrin of the British, the death of the Russian double agent in the UK is not a big issue for Trump. He did not even mention it in his telecon with Putin.

He has refused to beat the drum on this issue against Russia.

Trump - a decisive man

Trump is a decisive man who acts on his ideas. There is no doubt that he has done more in his one year in office than presidents who completed their tenure of 8 years. McMaster is the sixth close adviser or aide to be sacked in a turbulent six weeks.

He joins Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who has unceremoniously been fired a short time ago.

End of McMaster

The tension between Trump and McMaster had grown. Trump was angry that McMaster, speaking at the Munich Security Summit, said that Russian interference was not in doubt. Trump was livid that he did not mention that the election was not impacted by Russia.

Steve Bannon had also lambasted the general for not being pro Israel and more tough on Iran. McMaster must have realized that talking only of Russia as a threat was not the best thing in the changing world scenario. Now he has no option but to go home. A sad end to the career of a man who had promised much.